This guy must be crazy to cut his finger like that?!?


If you wonder what this picture is about, that’s what happens when a 38 YO male learns how to cook! But hang on, why on earth would we put a picture of a “bloody” finger on a blog?

Ho wait, maybe because that is actually MY finger and I want to prove that we can have some financial lessons thought to us to this picture. Yes!

Putting aside for a moment my rather “bloody” commitment to this blog and my financial journey, I believe this joke also will prove a point: As you learn, you will make mistake along the way, some painful ones (sic!), and have sometimes things and people diverting from your goal. But, if you stay focused, you will succeed over temporary failures.

On the cooking front, I have written in the past on the benefits this habits represents to your finances, your family organization and your health.

Let me share with you few other examples:

  • I saved $500 by learning how to change my broken electric window motor from my car, but, in the process, I also damaged my toe (and learned that you should NEVER do mechanics while barefoot!),

  • I saved $500 by learning how to install a reverse sensor mechanisms on both of my cars, but I also managed to break a light from one of the car in the process


You see, when you learna and grow, fall will happen but what’s important is the goal not what others might think. How many times have you fell on you’re a** before being able to walk for the first time as a baby?

After a while, I came to realize thanks to the power of patience, and against the advice of my dear conservative parents, I was getting better and better at it, breaking less things and getting more in shape and prepared over time. It doesn’t matter what other people say, stay motivated and believe in your instinct and your goals.

Recently, I had another example when I wanted to hang an internal door in the laundry (it never had a door for some reason). Looking quickly over the internet and avid to learn, I though first that I could easily do it but realized that I might be underequipped to cut the door since we’re living in an apartment and not sure that investment in specific tools would make sense.

So I decided to use Airtasker for the first time. If you don’t know airtasker, you can ask almost anything (from someone to help you move a couch or taking your coffee to preparing a website or marketing strategy), and skill people will bid on your job. I posted the following task with the below requirements:

My airtasker advertisement

I was ready to pay $100 for that job as a starting price. Some offers came around $200, some at $110, I decided to settle at $130, reading the positive reviews of the “tradie”.

On the phone, the guy was rather quick with what I needed to buy but I could sense we were not aligned when he asked me to buy a $130 door plain and get charged $50 to deliver when I bought in the end a $29 door at Bunnings and I picked up myself (thank you surf roof racks!).

The day of the job came and at first the contact was pleasant, I asked for a few extras (such as changing other door handles) and the tradie did it and said he wouldn’t charge for it. Later in the day, he also decided to cut other doors that were not at size just to be nice ! I was stocked!

Fast tracking, the rest of the project didn’t end up so well: He broke a ceiling light, damaged another door… and left without saying anything:

I just couldn’t believe it and decided not to pay for that job.
And then I decided I couldn’t do worse and started to work on the process of getting a new door and hang it myself:

–        I first bought the door, at the custom desired size from Bunnings directly – which ended up costing a little over $100.

–        I then looked online on how to hang a door and bought a few tools – It did cost me around $40 in total

–        I then sanded it, but space for the hinges, used the previous door to find where and how to cut the handle

Yet, the result is not 100% but still happy.

Financially speaking, I have spent $140 (with tools that I might re-use for other jobs) and I would have spent a lot more if I wanted to have it hung by someone else: For the story, I tried to post another job on Airtasker and could not find anyone below $200, labour only!

I think life is all about learning. And we should challenge ourselves.

And in case you need a proof that I can cook, have a look at some of the below pictures!


What are your DIY that save you money?

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