Pay less. Cut your electricity bills. Actionable tips.

My electricity bill

My electricity bill

Above is a screenshot taken from our electricity bill last quarter. As usual, we will analyze the facts and what we can see here is a house with 4 people (mine – in blue) consuming less electricity than an average house with one person around my area.

I would mention that we don’t have gas at home and we cook every night. So how on earth are we achieving this, with two kids and two adults? Here are few tips of things we have changed and things we’re doing on the everyday that make a difference.
You can also see that electricity usage has decreased by 20% since last year (from 10kWh down to 8kWh per day) and we’re spending 50% less than a house with 2 persons. Means that the actionable tips below will save you a minimum of $250 per quarter or $1000 per year!

  • Turn off lights we don’t use:

You leave a room, you turn offthe lights. Very simple, very efficient. But I’m still surprised with the number of people who leave the lights on everywhere they go (at home, in the garden, at work, etc…).

  • Change your bulbs to high efficiency ones:

We went to Coles and changed all bulbs to white (very important to drive more light) low consumption bulbs

  • Turn down the oil heaters or don’t use them at all:

In winter, we tend to use them around two weeks only. And only to warm up the kids room before going to bed. Instead of trying to cover the entire floor plan, why not wear some warm clothes? Side tip: Move, do crazy things with kids, you’ll get warm and they will love it!

  • Let the natural “warm” wind flowing:

Even in winter, we’re lucky to live in a country where days are usually topping at 15 degrees minium. Leave the windows opened during the day, especially the ones that have sun exposure. You will gain inside one or two degrees easily.
One important point: Opening the windows very early morning is completely useless: It brings humidity in and it’s usually colder outside than inside. If you can wait until 11am, do so.

  • Combat humidity:

Humidity is a killer. It’s actually what makes us feel even colder than what it currently is. So 20 mins of a good dehumidifier is, in my opinion, a lot better than 2 hours of oil heating.

  • Cook!

We cook a lot. In fact, almost every night. When we use the oven, we leave it open as we have finished cooking. Here is free heating!

  • Prewash:

We prewash every dish before putting them in the dishwasher. This way, the 30mins program is enough.

  • No dryer:

We go rid of it. A WASTE of energy. Dry your clothes outside or on the balcony

  • Small programs on the washing machine:

We did the test and realize that it’s a lot better not using the washing machine fully loaded (instead, we do 75% loads) and let it run for 30 mins only than fully loading it and leaving the 2h program on

  • Remove the PC chargers when not used:

A PC charger takes a LOT of energy (most 3 digits watts). Charge only as needed and unplug when finished. It also saves your battery in the process as batteries don’t like to be charged when full, it kills their lifespan.

  • Same with mobile phones:

Don’t let them charged all night. Charge them alongside your PC during the day, in car when driving and a bit at home. Not all day and night long.

  • You don’t need all these appliances!

Do you REALLY need the latest toast maker, latest portable grill, Thermomix, etc etc… I honestly don’t believe we do and it saves money along the way

I would lastly mention that by doing this, you also save a bit the environment… another reason to do a bit of effort everyday 🙂


See y’all!

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