New energy plan, tax time tips, and a handyman to help

Energy plan?


Hi Everyone,

A long silence… as I have been on leave and for those who travel, let me share some tips along the way!

1/ Quantas points and others are rubbish:

I tried to book my flight with my family using these famous points. I have almost 300 000 of them and here is the conclusion: Quantas would offer me to fly to France and back with a discount of $2 000 almost – not bad, from $8 500 for a family of 4, to $6 500..
The issue is that I could find better tickets and fly time through the excellent app flyscanner and get the 4 tickets at $6 100. We even have add the flexibility to stay in Hanoi with Vietnam Airlines and spend a whole day there for less than a $100 to help recover from jetleg.

Keep you points to fly domestic, even better, to upgrade to business (When they permit it…). An excellent article that will convince you here.

Saying the above, don’t hesitate to take them out when they’re free! At the moment, sign with ANZ, you will get $75 000 of them ! As long as you cancel the card in the following 12 months, you will have them for $0! Not bad. Details:

2/ New energy plan?

Well, I decided not to, but would very much emphasize for you guys to see if the switch with a different company is worth it:|_native_|_energy_-_july&utm_term=blank&utm_content=version_7

3/ How to save $$$ before repairing the car:

I went to service my car and my auto repairer told me I had:
– A broken power steering pump (and noisy)
– A light from the dashboard mentioning I needed to change my O2 sensor
– Needed a new battery

Well, I own a Subaru Impreza and I went to Subbie to check on pricing: OUTCH! New power steering pump, $700, new O2 sensor $400.
I went to AutoOne: Battery under promotion with 20% off – Done
Went on youtube, turns out I don’t have to replace the power steering and just change the O-ring.

Took me 5 mins – Cost = $4 – Done
Went also on youtube and bought the O2 sensor on ebay OEM for $225. Took me 15 mins. Done.

Savings = $875 !!!

4/ The trade off between time and money

We have made a bizarre decision. We have decided that they are things we will have someone to help us with. In that instance, we have plenty of “small jobs” to be doing at home. I usually do them during the holidays once a year but we realized it would take me YEARS when, with the help of someone, it would be WEEKS:
– A new door
– Revamp of the laundry with new storage
– Paint balcony – Brick and wooden cracked
– Building storage around the house
– Etc etc..

The trade off here is that we have decided that this week usually spent doing work around the home will be spent as a family quality time with kids.

Sorry we’re spending money on something we could have done ourselves, to trade off with something invaluable: Memories.

We’ve also decided to buy a new couch… Why? Because we want a sofa bed to be able to have friends and family staying – cosy – around the house. We figured out it would be better to get a new couch then getting a house which would cost a us a lot more in rent.
Cost = $0! Why? Because my dear wife is an exceptional negotiator. See, we bought our couches from Fantastic Furniture (I know I know, but we got them for half price…) and the leather is peeling. She went online and figured out that if you were putting a bad review on them, FF would come back to you and try to resolve. In that instance, she did… and they did! A few calls and emails with pictures later, we got to exchange the couches against the same value new in store, in that instance, a nice couch convertible in sofa bed! Voila!

5/ Tax time tips!

If you nicely ask for it, I am being sent by a tax agent an excel file that explains the new legislation, especially for real estate and claims, I can share it with you. Send me an email.

Some nice other tips I have found

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