An honest review of meal kits and how it saves us $50 per week

Dear non-materialistic reader,

Today, we’re not going to discuss about investments, but more food… all related as food gives us health…

Here is my review of meal kits and our particular choice of Marley Spoon:

On the road to independence is also the quest for us to simplify our life, do as much as we can by ourselves without the compromise to quality. Because of that and the fact that we have two busy professional lives, the choice of meal kits tended to make sense.

We’ve chosen Marley spoon over hello fresh. And this just because we’ve done our own research and for $5 or so more per week compared to Hello Fresh you end up with more variety and quality of products. Marley spoon offers the possibility to modify your order when hello fresh does not. A big plus for us as we have fussy – who doesn’t!

My friends asked questions about the price paid weekly compared to our normal groceries/life style. It was definitely dearer if you compared it with groceries however the fact that you could organize the lunch boxes for the next day with the leftovers for two working professionals saves us around $80 additional per week… so it works out to be approximately the same on that front:

– Our groceries before for a family of 4: $175 per week approx..
– Our groceries after the use of Marley spoon are approx.. $85
– We save 4 lunch meals per week at $10 each for two people that we don’t need to pay for them anymore: $80 of savings
– Marley Spoon’s cost is approx.. $145 per week
– So that represents savings of approx.. $50 per week

On top of that we’ve witnessed and are witnessing a bunch of very good side effects:
– It’s really food at a restaurant: and mix of savoury is awesome
– Looking long term, your kids see you cook on your own and drives good behaviour from a young age
– Kids get to test more different foods, from different countries
– No need to plan meals anymore!
– We’re not throwing out food anymore and I realize how much waste we had in the past now
– Because dinner lunch is sorted I can concentrate more on healthy breakie and week end food for the kids
– Definitely more variety and more greens in your plate
– You get to try dishes from plenty of different country
– We never are missing out anymore on ingredients and have to do a last minute run at 9pm to Coles or Aldi
– You can still cancel and/or change the order with other types of food before delivery according to your preferences
– You will feel like a chef and really proud of giving healthy yummy options to my kids every night!

We’ve also identified some draw points, even if minimal in my opinion:
– We found that it takes longer to prepare than your “usual” meal
– We think there is too much packaging and it could be done better
– There are often spicy options and we’re not found of them – personal taste!

We’ll see in the long run how things evolve but let me finish with a tip. When you register on the website for Marley Spoon, give your email address as you were to order… but DON’T complete your order.
You will received a bunch of emails in your inbox in the next days, including a $49 discount against your first order… and guess what, you’ll be ready to order by then!

See Y’All!

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