A car crash, poor investment decision and important others to protect our loved ones

I heard a big BOOM and my car went flying onto the car in front of me… 5.30 pm on a Friday evening. What a week that started and now finishes badly! But wait, there is more, the guy who … Continued

Refinance, new super annuation and update on my investments in Japan

Hi everyone, What a busy April already! A rather long article since I haven’t written for a while. But I have good excuses! I have refinanced both my PPOR and IP, changed my super (and my wife’s) and almost bought … Continued

So which Superannuation to retire early

When it comes to Superannuation, and we want to achieve early financial independence, we need one which combines the two golden rules: low fees, and index funds asset selection. So why on earth have I chosen AMP Super? And what … Continued

Airbnb ATO and Tax

Hi everyone, Since I have started to do some Airbnb and contacted my accountant to know the rules, I though it would be useful to share some of my findings: CONTENT How does the ATO treat Airbnb accommodation style sharing … Continued

December economy digest

Hi Everyone, I hope the below will summarize some important updates from the economy that influences our investment decisions. These are taken from all resources found around the blog community In Australia: Building/ from nosebleed to nosedive Although there is … Continued

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