Crash proof your finances
Hi Everyone. Today we’re going to discuss a high sensitive subject: Housing/stock market crash. As specifically housing. It’s not “if”, it’s “when”. I know I know, Australia is different, we’re a young country, the Lucky Country. Here is the thing, even the dumbest people of earth like D. Trump sometime […]

Are you ready for when this will crash?

My electricity bill
Above is a screenshot taken from our electricity bill last quarter. As usual, we will analyze the facts and what we can see here is a house with 4 people (mine – in blue) consuming less electricity than an average house with one person around my area. I would mention […]

Pay less. Cut your electricity bills. Actionable tips.
I’m always asking myself the question to see if I should change my car. Every couple of years, we all do. And most people I know actually are “investing” in a new car every 3 years. I drive an old Peugeot (Yes ! A French car for a French guy, […]

You need help from ASIC to spend less on your ...

Two weeks of holidays in Fiji still cost less than a new Beemer!
We’re just coming back from Fiji. Well, a month ago to be exact. As a foreigner, it’s like a dream come true. You think in pictures of what your holidays would be like in a paradise where you get tanned while drinking a cocktail. In fact, the reality appeared to […]

BMW vs Fiji

financial independence
Ok ok ok… I start off but saying that I have done some mistakes with calculations, nobody’s perfect right! And we all learn along the way. So… Everyone agrees that you become financially independent when therevenues from your passive investments (as opposed to active, ie working for a company) equals […]

Early independence calculator and the costly mistake of your networth

real estate boom rental airbnb
Let s rewind… We’re back to 2013, mid year, nearly 3 years back. The Frog family has now been settled in OZ for a few years, and reading many inspiring business books, is now ready for the BIG… no… the HUGE move: entering the real estate market ! I’m not getting […]

The importance of patience: How to buy your house under ...

A mate at work – no name needed, we all have examples around us – just bought a new car: A very nice VW Golf R limited Edition. I’m not personally into cars but it looks really nice and I like the shape (and sound! After all, I’m not into […]

What habits learned at young age be a costly lesson ...

Let’s Google the word “respect”: “a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements” Hum… am I missing something? Am i becoming dumb – I mean, even worst than before? The word respect and money/finance don’t go together Mr Grogounet ! I had […]

The notion of respect… applied to finance

Financial lessons to be learned from refugees
  This is obviously not as straight forward as it seems but here is a little story from a friend of mine.. who came to Australia on a boat from Asia at 3 years old, more than 30 years ago. If you put yourself in a mindset of a refugee […]

Financial lessons we can learn from refugees

My story
What? I didn’t tell? Yes, until 2010, I was a road racer ! I use to love the thrill of a good ride. I had the chance to own many motorcycles and tried many different brands at different race tracks across the globe… Hum… ok: France and Australia.. But why […]

My story